TEAGAN (Teagan Goh) is the 21-year-old singer/composer behind the compelling new track, Safe. Produced by jah LOON, the song navigates the beauty of pure love, something that today’s audiences will likely resonate with. It is an appreciation of all the good people in life – family, friends and romance.

TEAGAN has been establishing her craft since mid-2017, when she began producing music in her bedroom in between working in a medical laboratory and studying biomedicine. Crossing her fingers, she sent her work to Australian rapper, Joelistics. Those songs resulted in him putting her in touch with fellow producer, Beatrice Lewis (Haiku Hands).

Her previous work has been acclaimed as being ‘incredibly powerful and stirring’ (Wickedd Childd) and ‘beautiful pop’ (ParaPop). Her debut single, It's Okay, emphasised the message that we don’t always feel our best, but that shouldn’t be a source of shame. Influenced by contemporary indie and pop, the track debuted at number 5 on the Triple J Unearthed charts.

The intimacy of TEAGAN’s music translates perfectly into her dynamic live shows, honing her talents around Melbourne and beyond. Her bold, layered pop tunes are crafted to make you feel good and let your mind wander at the same time.

Safe is out 22 February 2019.

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Teagan Goh