TEAGAN (Teagan Goh) is a 20-year-old musician from Melbourne, Australia. In mid-2017, she began producing music in her bedroom in between working in a medical laboratory and studying biomedicine at university. Crossing her fingers, she sent her work to Australian rapper, Joelistics. Those songs resulted in him putting her in touch with fellow producer, Beatrice Lewis (Haiku Hands). In association with Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV), TEAGAN has continued to build on those emotionally-rich lyrics and textured sounds.

On R U OK Day 2018, she released her first single. Fittingly titled, It's Okay, it emphasised R U OK Day's message of being allowed to feel however you feel without being ashamed. Within a day, the track was featured on commercial radio and had made its way overseas to Indonesia’s ParaPOP. It was also featured on Wickedd Childd’s Local Gems of the Week list and their September Tunes playlist. TEAGAN's bold, layered pop tunes are crafted to make you feel good and let your mind wander at the same time.

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Teagan Goh

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